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Meet Angie Miles, Literacy Educator

Angie Miles is an established, professional communicator, with numerous accomplishments as a journalist– as a writer and as a broadcaster.  Also, she has notable accomplishments as an educator and advocate for children:

University of Virginia, B.A. (1987) and M. Ed. (2008)

Angie has reading specialist credentials from the University of Virginia with a concentration in adolescent literacy and an endorsement in gifted education.  Her approach to teaching is informed by her own experience as a gifted learner and parent of children identified as gifted learners.  She recognizes that each child has gifts an strengths that need to be identified and nurtured.  Her philosophy is to identify both strengths and challenges and teach to strengths.  Every learner has them.  And dynamic differentiation insures each learner gets just what he or she needs.

Gubernatorial Appointments and State Level Service

Three Virginia governors have trusted Angie to serve the interests of Virginia’s young people.  Former Governor George Allen selected her to serve on Virginia’s Board on Child Abuse and Neglect and on Virginia Commonwealth University’s Board of Visitors.  She served two terms for VCU.  Former Governor Tim Kaine chose Angie for Virginia’s Reading and Literacy Partnership Committee.  And she was a collaborator with Governor Mark Warner’s PASS initiative under the umbrella of business partnerships.
In addition, Angie consulted with the Department of Education’s Race to GED Initiative and served, as well, on the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center Board, which oversaw the federally-funded PIRC (Parent Information Resource Center).  She served two terms on the statewide Governor’s Advisory Board on Gifted Education, which reports to Virginia’s Superintendent of Education.  She represented alumni of Virginia Governor’s Schools for the Gifted.

State Literacy Award and Reading Ambassador Work

Angie is a past recipient, along with former state superintendent Jo Lynne DeMary, of a Literacy Educator of the Year award from Virginia’s Association for Early Childhood Education.  VAECE specifically highlighted Angie’s work in family literacy, guiding adult learners who were also parents of young children.
She has been the Reading Ambassador for the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce through its Richmond Region Reads campaign.  In this capacity, she began efforts to take literacy directly to families in settings familiar to them.  She conducted workshops, hosted read-alouds, and helped stage weekly celebrations featuring guest readers in family restaurants. Some of these events were for bilingual audiences.  She also attended weekly neighborhood meetings throughout the city, helping to make literacy initiatives organic and inclusive.

PBS Ready to Learn Trainer

Angie is a long-time, local literacy trainer for PBS’ Ready to Learn Program, which focuses on school readiness for children from birth through early elementary school.  With PBS, she has presented scores of training sessions in person and via internet for thousands of parents, child care providers and educators, including teachers seeking continuing education credits.
As an education consultant, she has helped to create and coordinate literacy opportunities in schools and other settings, including an educational field trip experience at Hanover Tavern, former home of Patrick Henry and a national, historic landmark.  In formatting these school excursions, she made literacy cornerstone to the students’ overall experience.

Bibliotherapy Author and Advocate

She has created and coordinated bibliotherapeutic (psychological and emotional assistance predicated on literature) curricula for children working in group counseling.  Counselors use these materials to help children deal with mental and emotional issues; one beneficial consequence is improvement of overall literacy skill and motivation to read.

In-Classroom Coaching, Materials Creation and Innovation

Angie has provided direct instruction for individuals, small groups and classrooms in numerous settings and has coached teachers in effective strategies for the teaching of reading and writing.  Employing her research-based yet innovative techniques, utilizing her engaging materials and sharing her abundant enthusiasm has relieved many, many students of labels such as “non-reader” or “struggling”, lifting them to the ranks of “reader”.
In 2011, HAPPY Reading was approved by the Virginia Department of Education as a provider of supplemental tutoring for students throughout the Commonwealth.  And materials created by Angie and used by registered subscribers at www.happyreading.org have lit a learning spark for students all over the country, paving the way for immense academic strides.
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