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This is our sixth year of providing a summer camp experience for literacy learners. But for many more years, Angie Miles and HAPPY Reading have been preparing the perfect track record for this day camp endeavor. HAPPY stands for Home Advantage with Parents as Partners for Youth, because all of our literacy efforts rely on some form of collaboration with parents as their children’s first teachers. Here are some of the comments garnered from those who have utilized what we offer. To protect students’ privacy, we are omitting parents’ names, but if you wish to talk with them directly, we’d be HAPPY to arrange that.


HAPPY Reading Camp Reviews

“I cannot even put into words how grateful I am. They are having an amazing time and absolutely love coming. They talked me into not picking them up early today. I hope you will have this program again next summer and that I’m able to have the girls be a part of it again. They have already been asking if they can do it again next year and they hope they can do more than two weeks.”

Parent of two HAPPY Campers   


“He couldn’t read or write a single word when he started, so I know for sure that his progress is all because of camp.” Parent of a rising kindergartener who was reading before he started school

“I just met with the principal and they say she’s made enough progress that she doesn’t have to repeat next year!” Parent of 1st grade student who was slated for retention

“All my kids are doing phenomenally well this school year, and I suspect it has a lot to do with camp.” Mom of two elementary and one middle school camper

“Something sunk in, because he’s making honor roll every grading period, and he NEVER did that before.” Grandparent of 4th grade student

“It’s been months, and she is still talking about camp almost every day. You have no idea what a positive impression you and the Things have made on my child!” Parent of an elementary student

“For years, we’ve struggled with this reading issue and no one seemed able to figure out the problem. But whatever you did, it made all the difference. Thank you!” Parent of middle school student

“I had to buy him the ENTIRE book series, because once he started reading them at camp, he didn’t want to stop. And we’re talking about my child who NEVER wanted to read!” Mom of two elementary boys

“I scored the highest reading scores I’ve ever had in my life. I just did everything I learned to do at camp.” High school student, former camper, and current HAPPY Reading Camp junior counselor

“It’s not just one thing. I just love everything about it!” 2nd grade camper

“I don’t feel smart at school, but when I come to reading camp, I KNOW that I’m smart.” 4th grade camper 

“It’s the best thing about summer.”  Returning camper, now in middle school

Thanks for giving my child the best summer ever. Camp ended over a week ago and I’m still hearing about all the fun things she did at camp. She can’t wait to come back next summer!  Mom of elementary student

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